Who we are - Global Business

Our vision

The NTT Group’s vision is to create a connected world. We do this by creating technology solutions and services that empower our clients’ ambitions globally while contributing to sustainable growth. Our long heritage of delivering value to clients to the highest standard remains core to our values.

As a group, we have the capability and capacity to connect countries, businesses and people around the world.

Together, we are working to make our shared vision a reality.

NTT Group at a glance

As one of the world’s largest ICT companies, the NTT Group comprises a select group of global technology companies. Our combined global operations generate a total revenue of $95* billion and we employ 241,000 skilled professionals at over 240 data centers in 87 countries worldwide.

When it comes to data, we support the world

When the world moves data, NTT delivers. Today we are the world’s largest brand in data hosting, connecting more than 240 centers worldwide, and our wholly owned marine fiber-optic cable network makes up Top 3 IP backbone. No doubt, we have the scale and reach to connect global businesses of all shapes and sizes.

[PDF] The NTT Group was announced as the largest provider of colocation space worldwide
Source: TeleGeography

NTT Group globally

Our global network is supported by offices in every major geographic region, delivering support, service and technical expertise to our clients. And we are continuing to expand our operations and services in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan.

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