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A value partner and powerful global Information and Communications Technology(ICT) presence

The success of the NTT Group rests on outstanding performances from our individual operating companies.
Together, these companies span the entire spectrum of ICT services and solutions.  

Each of these operating companies is a proven global performer in their own right, with a well-deserved reputation for outstanding products and service delivery.

However, each also plays an integral part in a larger picture, allowing the NTT Group to offer clients an integrated, end-to-end ICT offering.

The advantages for clients of working with NTT Group companies are obvious – size, scale and simple access to the full stack and full lifecycle of solutions and services. In this way, NTT Group becomes not just an ICT provider to clients – but a trusted value partner.


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A united group for a unique portfolio.

At the heart of the NTT Group lies a commitment to excellence in service and solution delivery. This is typified by the performance of our operating companies.

In recent years, our companies have been recognised on many occasions for their performance by many leading technology analysts, across a broad range of areas and applications.

These research analysts are the experts when it comes to deciding which products and providers deliver best-in-class solutions and support, and their opinions are widely respected.

Stronger together, now and in the future.

While we are proud of our recent successes at the NTT Group, we are determined to build on these in the future. Every new client or contract is a test of our ability to meet market needs and exceed client expectations.

We will continue to invest heavily in innovation, because we know that research and development will always be key advantages in a competitive landscape.

We will also invest in our infrastructure to ensure that we have the capabilities and capacity to succeed in future. And we will never stop looking for new ways to connect people, data and devices.

By offering a full stack and full lifecycle approach, we support our clients across all aspects of their business transformation, including system integration, applications, cloud services, security, managed ICT and networking.

It is this integrated service offering that we believe will deliver outstanding benefits for clients, now and in the future.

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>> Analyst reports and positioning

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