NTT clouds

Creating a connected world

As a group we have the capability and capacity to connect countries, businesses and people around the world. Together, we are working to make our shared vision a reality.

Our global strength in cloud services is supported by our expertise in every layer of a complete and secure cloud solution. Our ability to support every layer reduces cost and complexity and delivers the optimal cloud for businesses globally.

Comprehensive Cloud Services

Reduce cost and complexity with our global expertise in consulting, security and managed services.

  • A fully integrated stack of flexible SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions for your business requirements.
  • Complete lifecycle of services from Advisory, Migration, Operations and Management.

Advisory services

Strategy and design services to define your cloud computing vision, architecture and road map.

Migration services

Cloud application and infrastructure migration services to move a portion or all of your business to the cloud.

Operational services

Cloud infrastructure and applications as a service (hosted by NTT) to enable significant business agility at lower total cost of ownership.

Management services

Management of application and infrastructure (customer on-premise and hybrid) to provide resilient and secure service delivery.

We listen

Some of the major business concerns we have heard.

  • Fragmented systems are hard to manage and slow down our business.

    Our Solution:

    Optimize business governance and agility by leveraging NTT’s secure global network.

  • Increasing operational complexity & resource cost.

    Our Solution:

    NTT integrated management services ensure business continuity and security while minimizing administration.

  • Legacy systems are costing too much. Need to migrate to new systems.

    Our Solution:

    Our migration services take you from legacy to advanced platforms flexibly and easily.

We work to ensure business continuity, agility and flexibility - globally.

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